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Readers Respond: Why Type of Computer Does Your Family Have and Why?

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It can be hard to choose between a netbook, laptop or desktop computer. Some families choose more than one. What type of computer(s) does your family have? Why did you make that choice? Are you happy with the result?

many small machines

We are a homeschooling family so we feel we need a computer for each person, otherwise we begin to get in on each others time. We need small machines so that they are portable, allowing us to travel and work. So, my husband has an ipad, I have an apple notebook, my 6-year old has a netbook and my 8 year old has a laptop. Luckily the youngest one hasn't turned 2 yet. If you consider iphones computers (& I do), count 4 more. My husband and I have the latest iphone & have passed our older versions of the on to our 6 & 8 year olds (not as phones, but as mini computers, for travel time gaming and free texting with us). Happy computing!

Mac Mac Mac

We're a Mac family with an embarrassing number of computers - but in our favor, there are a lot of us! Two desktops, that we rarely rarely use, six laptops and an iPad, which is heavenly.

All Kinds of Computers

Because I do the About.com children's books site at http://childrensbooks.about.com and my husband also writes for the Web, we are on computers a lot. We both have dual platform (Mac and PC) desktop Macs, and our grandchildren love to have fun with the PhotoBooth software on them. I also have a PC Netbook that I take to conferences. Both my husband and I also have Mac laptops. We had PCs for years but switched to Macs several years ago and love them.
—Guest childrensbooks


We have one desktop and two laptops. I use a laptop because I need work to be portable. My son uses a laptop because he attends a virtual charter school. All his studies are online and he can take them anywhere. We often go to a coffee shop, the library, or a few of our favorite taco or sandwich spots that have free WiFi. Both of us can work at the same time. Many times we meet other virtual / homeschooling families and work together. My SO uses the desktop because he has access to other computers at work and most of what he does at home requires him to be hooked up to multiple devices (like scanners, etc.) in a more stationary way. He doesn't like unhooking and hooking and prefers to stay at his desk to do things. We also have a ginormous networked hard drive that allows us to share music and one laser printer and move files around over the wireless. I'm happy with our setup, though I know that my son might want a more powerful (desktop) computer for gaming in the future.

We've got 'em all

My husband and I each have a laptop and a netbook, plus we have an old desktop that we still use once in a great while. I'm still wondering why my husband bought that second netbook, because we don't use the first one all that much (mostly for travel). It's great to have two laptops, though, for simultaneous use and for back-up if/when one isn't working. The only reason we still have the desktop ... inertia. It's in a room we don't especially need or use so we haven't bothered getting rid of it.
—Guest catherine

Laptops Everywhere!

My husband and I each have a Mac laptop. We kept my old Windows laptop and it's used mostly by the kids. We also have an iPad and an iPhone. We were hardcore Windows users until a couple of years ago when we switched to Macs and have never looked back!
—Guest Kristen

Laptop family

My husband and I each have a laptop. We got rid of our desktop about 2 years ago b/c we prefer the portability of laptops. Mine is a Dell with an extra large screen. We use it to watch videos and stream TV shows (since we don't have cable). I like that the kids can sit on the rug while we Skype with the grandparents -- the desktop set up made it hard to get everyone in front of the camera. I can sit on the couch and do my work, take it into the kitchen to follow a recipe, use it in the bedroom to stream music when I'm exercising, etc. I love it.
—Guest Melissa
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