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Readers Respond: Personal Cyberbullying Stories

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Has someone in your family had to deal with threatening or harassing behavior online? What kind of support did you receive? Was the situation resolved? Please share your cyberbullying stories with us. **If someone says or does something that makes you feel scared or uncomfortable, please speak to an adult or the authorities. You can also read bullying advice for tips on handling a cyberbully attack. All answers are moderated & may be edited for content/clarity.

7 grade stinks!

Elementary school was pretty cool... I loved it! Then in the same school I went to middle school and that's when everything was horrible! In 6 grade I was bullied two times a year by spreading rumors and harassing and physical.... But 7 grade is hell... ! So many people are mean to me ... And i hate it ! Especially cyber bulling ... This boy posted a status about me and like 10 people liked it! Including my crush... I was devastated... And still am... I told my parents , they said they'll tell the administrator but I'm terrified! Anyways. I've learned to realize they're just jealous and that people that win a lot of stuff and have a lot of going for them like the song 'mean' by Taylor swift who was also bullied in school... :(
—Guest Stephy

I'll Give Advice That can Help You

If you were ever cyber bullied, talk to your parents or someone you know that was a victim of cyber bullying. And If you are a bully, I know you have have gone through pain and that's why you are bullying others to go through the same pain. I actually have a debate going on in school and it's about social networking sites. And I am on the con side which means I disagree these sites are bad for our society. If someone bullies you, tell your parents instead of replieing back. Or just don't show that you are afraid by ignoring them.
—Guest Helper

Where's Safe?

I have been and have seen bullying so much that I can't think of anywhere that is safe anymore. Cyber-Bullying means that the one place that should be safe isn't anymore. What everyone seems to say is the same thing over and over again 'tell someone' yet when you do half the the time your told to ignore it or something like that and even when you tell your teachers they hardly seem to do anything and this infuriates me. Everywhere you go there is bullying and nothing you can do about it but tell someone and get a tough skin. It should be nipped in the bud as soon as it starts. When it happens to me (I'm 18 and it still happens all the time) I behave in a mature way, ignore it don't say anything to them to keep it going and if it doesn't stop tell someone after having a quiet word with who is doing it. Girls are some of the worst bullies by being bitchy. To those that are being called ugly and so on your saying that you 11,12,and 13 you are still growing your body will change.
—Guest RubixCube

i need a doctor :( to help me

There was this girl i was best freind with well thats what i thought and i liked this boy his name Zeke and he moved away and he left me a note saying " I was here but now im gone i left my name to turn you on those who know me know ne those who dont go to hell !" and i thought it was sweet and my best friend now enemy stole from my desk and posted it on my page and it felt like the whole world commented on it and i thought no one could save me from my misery but i now told my mom and she printed it out and gave it to my principle now i feel so much better :D
—Guest SAD PERSON :(


I've been cyber bullied from a few girls. And they sent me facebook messages, saying im ugly....and im stupid...and i dont deserve to live. but one day i went up to them and said "I am not ugly i am beautiful and im not stupid im just equally smart. aand i do deserve to live, why do you get to pick if i should die or live? your not god. your just a girls who think your all that and really your not. so leave me alone..and get a life, and start making your own, cause clearly if you keep talking about me, and facebooking me, clearly means you have no life." so i stood up to them:) they didnt say anything i dont think, but i walked away before they could say a word cause i dont give a sh** what they think anymore,. this is my life, and ima do what i wanna do. im not here to impress no one. So just stick up to your bullys and not care what they think.
—Guest Nanella :)

Friends can Suck

Me and this girl Samantha M. use to be the best of friends. We would go to Hot Topic together and just rave and rant about boys. Whenever I moved to Fort Polk L.A. we grew farther apart, never talked or anything. When I finaly moved back to Dallas we would hang out ocasionaly (don't spell very well.) One day she was talking to her boyfriend in Ohio and she had to do something so she handed the phone to me. Me and Lewis clicked instantly, we started talking more and became best friends. Whenever Sam found out she got jelous and called me names over FaceBook and Myspace, I regret to inform you that I replyed nastily. The usual fat jokes and random things. Now me and her never talk anymore because she made me cry and tryed to take back every thing she said. I said, "this isn't the first time we have faught like this and I am tyered of it." I left her with her mouth open and crying. I wanted to stop the friendship before anyone got hurt too badly.
—Guest Teighlor L.

I was targeted

I am 16 and have amazing friends. I can get along with all groups. Although my life is great now it hadn't always been that way. When I was in the 5th grade I met a girl who was in 6th. She was popular and I wanted to be her friend. And we were. Until she found out that earlier that year her friends had bullied me when we were all in girl scouts. She joined along. And wrote me a nasty letter. This stopped after my 5th grade year but I remember coming home crying not sure why I was the girl they just chose to pick on. I've definitely learned from that experience. These girls may be popular but they don't feel happy. They are weak. I believe they saw me and knew my confidence, and tried to break me down. Now I know that if a situation ever happens like that again I will just brush it off. Also, I believe had I not cared and just blew them off in the first place they would have stopped. For any girls going through this be strong.
—Guest Marilyn

the preasure

I've never really have been bullied till it came to cretin decisions. One day I was just hang with some friends of mine and were talking about the bible study we just had and then i started being called out by some one i thought was my friend and they started bulling me everywhere i went. It started out with just him, then a group of them starting about it questioning my faith and all the decisions i made. Then one day i couldn't take it i told my teachers and my parents then it just all stopped. The teachers handled all of it. I still get bullied time to time but the best way to stop it is to tell a teacher and if you see some one get bullied go get a teacher never get involved. You might make it worse.
—Guest Joseph

No Help.

My bestfreind, Jeffrey, recently started Cyberbullying me, I didn't know why he was doing it at all, and it really upset me. I didn't want to tell on him because he was my bestfried but after a month it got too much, And I knew he wasn't going to change back. I found it wierd though because he talked to me like nothing had happened during the school time. I told a teacher and I showed them Printscreens and everything but they didn't do anything to help. I decided to confront jeff myself and it turned out he wasn't the one who was bullying me. Sadly, the bullying didn't stop but at least I was alright talking to Jeffry. Im still being bullied now, but I have friends to help me.
—Guest Saddened&Depressed

sad :(

i am gay and i get cyberbullied for it this is very sad and it upsets me
—Guest Connor walker

Ignoring the Bullying

Last year in grade 7 i had this problem with this one girl she always posted nasty comments on my facebook pictures so i got mad and tryed ignoring it for a while because i was too scared to tell and adult because i thought it would get worse....so after 3 months passed i just didnt respond then it got to this one point where i couldnt take it and that was in grade 8 when she came up to my locker and said if i told anyone she had everything on me ......i couldnt handle it anymore with all the pushing and rude comments so i told the principal now its november 2010 and she still gives me dirty looks but its better than pushing me .......if any of you ever get bullied like that dont be afraid to tell an adult like i was take a stand and stop bullying now!
—Guest Guest 3445679


I would like to leave a comment, a famous anerican writer once said that the Great and never understood. The greatest peop[le in history are misunderstood. You people are going to be the ones that saves this world.

Cyberbullying over phone and email

I'm eleven right now, but I have already been cyberbullied a lot. I got my email right after I turned eleven in February, and everything about it was fine until my so called "friends" started swearing at me and saying I was doing horrible things with my boyfriend, and called me fat and ugly. They threatened me they would physically hurt me, and they verbally abused me over texting and Google Buzz™. I told my parents multiple times, but nothing happened. The bullies tried to blame me, and thatade it even worse. After maybe 2 months, it stopped, but I will never forget what they did to me. About a week ago, I got into another fight with a differ t friend, and the swearing started all over again. People who I trusted as my friends bullied me harshly on the bus and at school. I have endured many types of bullying and just hope my siblings and friends do not have to also. Right now, I'm not being bullied, but to anyone who is, I urge you to stand up to the bully and tell an adult now!
—Guest Katy

I was in trouble and only 11 yrs old

I met some boy on a chat room online and he asked me how old i was i didnt know what to say, i said i was 14 and he said he was 15 comming on 16. We got to know each other more and more and one day he asked me out i didnt want to but i didnt want him to think i was scared so, i took the wrong path. About 2 months(i had told him my real age, he was just ok with it wierdly) after going out, my dad found out, and i just had to lie all the time, a week after that i just left him and tryed to blank him out but he just came back. I had a ict lesson, it was about E safty and meeting and talking to people you dont know, i asked my teacher for advice he told me the rights things to do, later that evening i was on the chat room again, i just said to him we should stop now and since then i have not had a word from him since.
—Guest Jess

I want this to stop!!!!

I used to have a 'best friend' but then one day we fought we couldn't meet an agreement and it was not long before she decided to get her so called revenge on me. I started to get messages saying 'how could you do that to her' or 'some sort of best friend you are' and the worst was 'you should just die!!!'. I found out the next day that my used to be best friend told almost the whole school that I used her just to gain popularity she was not even popular to begin with. I did not go to school anymore instead I locked myself in my room for about a week or more. She(ex-best friend) stop her rumors because everyone went against her saying that I was not that type of girl. Thanks to my older sister for going to my secondary(when she was supposed to be in her polytechnic) just to speak up for me:) thanks I still love her a lot even though she is in another country right now.... 'I affect them but they do not affect me' that's what she told me:)
—Guest that girl

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