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About Family Fitness

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About Family Fitness

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Catherine Holecko

What I blog about

The name says it all--I blog about ways for families to get and stay fit and enjoy active play together. I discuss special events (such as National Park Week or the YMCA's Healthy Kids Day), research about childhood obesity and physical fitness, and youth sports.

Favorite blogging tools and inspiration

Twitter, because I use it to promote my blog as well as to get information and ideas. I also retweet lots of comments and links that I think might be of interest to my followers.

What I love most about blogging

I love sharing "news you can use" with my readers. With a blog I can share short updates or news items quickly and easily. I love being able to alert people to relevant, useful information. I also love feedback!


  • Having a niche is a great way to hone your focus. For me, it's much easier to come up with ideas (and filter out irrelevant info) when I have a very specific topic and purpose.
  • Subscribe to other blogs that cover your topic, and set up Google Alerts on important keywords. I get lots of ideas this way and I also find out quickly if anyone quotes me or links to me.
  • Communicate with your readers. I always try to thank commenters and answer questions promptly.
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