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3 Top Online Dictionaries for Kids
Children need dictionaries just like adults, and these online dictionaries for kids are perfect homework helpers.
Stop! Do Your Kids Know These 10 Key Things...
Knowledge is power. Make sure your kids know these Internet safety essentials long before they need them.
What Is Sexting and Why Is It a Problem?
Sexting is becoming more prevalent among young people as technology advances. Find out what sexting is and some reasons you should know more.
Find a Wealth of Great Books Online for Free
These sites allow you to listen to or read books online for free. There are classic books, children's books, reference books and more.
How to Change Firefox's Popup Blocker Settings
Popups are often annoyances that Firefox helpfully blocks. But in some cases, you may want to allow the popups on certain sites. Here's how to do it.
How to Make Facebook Photos Private
Want to share your Facebook photos with some friends and family, but not everyone? Learn how to make your Facebook Photos Private.
KBs, MBs and GBs: An Explanation of Memory and...
Are KBs bigger than MBs? How much is a GB? Why is my hard drive smaller than I thought? Find the answers to your computer storage and memory questions.
Kids Can Learn Basic Typing Skills with Dance...
Learn to type with cartoon characters and lots of encouragement on BBC's Dance Mat Typing. Kids learn keyboarding skills with fun challenges.
7 Best Science Websites for Kids
Kids and science can go hand in hand again thanks to this great list of science websites for kids. We've vetted each site for its science awesomeness.
5 Places for Kids and Teens to Learn How to...
Imagine making your own video games or virtual worlds! Learning to program is not just fun and useful for future career opportunities. It builds logic, problem solving and creative thinking skills, too.
10 Favorite Kid-Safe Videos on YouTube
YouTube is a wonderful resource for finding videos for kids online. These are some favorite kids' videos on YouTube.
Is Starfall Educational Website a Good Place...
A full review of the Starfall.com educational website, including pros and cons.
Free eCards for Kids - The Best Free eCards for...
These are the best free eCards for kids and families.
The Best Media Streaming Device For Your Family
Comparing the main players in the Digital Media Streaming device category to help families choose what to buy.
How to Disable the Popup Blocker in Internet...
Disable the popup blocker in Internet Explorer
Virtual Field Trip to the Pyramids
This virtual field trip to the pyramids is a fantastic tour of the ancient tombs and temples of Egypt, aimed at elementary, middle and high school ages.
9 Greatest Toy Laptops for Kids
Toy laptops for kids can be just the thing to get kids motivated to learn a few new skills. These are affordable and educational.
5 Ways Kids Can Read About the Declaration of...
The U.S. Declaration of Independence for Kids introduces children to the history and heritage of our American democracy. K through 12th grade students can learn about the Declaration of Independence by visiting a series of high quality websites.
16 Free Places to Watch TV Online
Do you want to watch TV online? Find the best spots to watch your favorite old and new TV shows online for free.
5 Great Email Programs for Kids
Are you looking for safe email for kids? Here are some options for allowing your kids to exchange email with friends and family - and no one else.
4 Websites that Let You Make Wish Lists for Free
Wish lists make it easy to share wanted items with your friends and family, without any hassle. Easily create a wish list or gift registry using these 4 free online wish list websites.
How to Disable Your Popup Blocker
How to Allow Pop Ups When You Have a Pop Up Blocker Installed.
Virtual Tour of the White House
Virtual Tour of the White House offers information about planning a fun, informative online trip. Visit the White House from the comfort of your home by taking a virtual tour of the White House.
The U.S. Constitution for Kids
The U.S. Constitution for Kids introduces children to the highest law of our American democracy. K- 12th grade students can learn about the constitution by visiting a series of high quality websites.
Summer Reading For the Whole Family: Free...
Enjoy summer reading by downloading free classic books including The Time Machine, White Fang, and The Jungle Book, Wizard of Oz, and Sherlock Holmes. Travel to fantastic lands and meet classic characters by reading masterpieces of literature loved by children, middle school students, high school students, and adults.
Everything Parents Should Know About Video Games
A guide for parents on everything they should know about video games and gaming for their kids.
Is a Smartphones a Risk for Your Child?
The smartphone convenience is undeniable, and for a child seemingly mandatory. As a parent, consider the risks for your kid and how to protect them.
Free Games for Toddlers
Does your toddler want to play some free games? We took a look around and found the best of what's free.
Presidents Day Celebrations and Crafts Online
When is Presidents Day this year? Enjoy US Presidents Day online with games, crafts and a lot of useful info!
Websites About Relativity and Albert Einstein...
Einstein for Kids is an article about Albert Einstein and his famous relativity equation E=MC2. The article lists educational web pages about Einstein for kids in elementary school, middle school, and high school.
7 Free and Fun Virtual Worlds for Kids
Let's find a safe space online for kids to hang out and have fun in. These sites are age-appropriate and generally free.
The Best Websites for Free Movies and Videos...
From their favorite TV shows and cartoons to videos on YouTube, kids love to watch videos online. These are some of the best free sites to watch videos for kids.
How to Add a New User Profile in Windows Vista
Create accounts for each user of the family computer that runs Windows Vista to control access to system settings. This tutorial will show you how.
6 Amazon Services That Will Make Your Life Easier
Six very helpful services from Amazon that many people don't know about.
6 Best Handheld Gaming Devices for Kids
Looking for handheld video games for your kids? Here's a list of some of the top handheld gaming devices for kids.
Buying a Family Computer: Laptop or Desktop?
Take these factors into account when buying a new computer to help you decide between a laptop and a desktop.
How to Limit Your Child's Computer Use
How much time should your child spend online and how do you enforce those rules? Find out.
Create Fun Virtual Sand Art on Thisissand.com
Sand art is simple art form for limitless creativity. Now, Thisissand.com offers a way to do sand art online with all the fun and none of the mess!
Virtual Field Trip to the Liberty Bell
Take a virtual field trip to the Liberty Bell to learn about this American symbol of freedom. This online tour lets families visit the Liberty Bell in Historic Philadelphia via the Internet.
Four Fun Math Websites for Middle School Students
Here are four helpful math-focused websites created specifically for middle school students. These sites are free, educational and fun.
These 4 Free Online Sites Will Have Teens and...
Online schools where both teens, their parents and any adults can learn how to code for free.
Five Great Starter Tablets Your Kids Will Love
If your kids are begging to use your iPad or to get them one of their own, but you're hesitant, start them off with one of these kid-friendly tablets.
Keep Your Kids Safe Online
Online safety is a big concern for parents. Learn how to go beyond the filters to promote Internet safety for your kids.
Try These Free and Fun Websites for Girls
Finding fun or educational websites for girls that are high quality can be a challenge. These free websites should appeal to girls and parents.
Niche Social Websites Will Help Your Tweens...
Three social networks for tweens that each have a distinct niche - books, video reviews and the arts.
6 Things to Consider Before Buying an Xbox...
Is the Xbox Kinect a family-friendly option, or is that a lot of hype? Here are some thins you should know before you buy Kinect for Xbox 360 for your family.
Learning Is Fun and Free on the Sheppard...
Sheppard Software is an excellent website for kids, featuring learning games that challenge any school-age child. Best of all, it's free!
6 Virtual Worlds Tweens Will Love
If your kids are outgrowing Webkinz, but are too young for Teen Second Life, these transitional virtual worlds for tweens are just the thing.
Web Browsers for Kids
Looking for the perfect Web browser for your kids? There are plenty of options out there for safe web browsing.
Is it Safe to Post Photos of My Kids Online?
Is it safe to post photos of your kids? Learn the dangers of posting photos of kids, as well as ways to keep them safe.
LeapFrog Tag Reading System
The LeapFrog Tag Reading System helps kids learn to read while having fun. Is it right way for your kids to learn?
3 Ways Your Child Can Make Their Own Video Game
Online video game design programs for kids, tweens and teens to learn about game design and have fun.
Ditch the Dirt on Your Computer Keyboard
A computer keyboard comes in contact with hands a lot and can get very dirty. Here's how to clean your keyboard safely and keep it clicking like new.
Free Classic Books Online: The Time Machine by...
Read a classic book, The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, for free over the Internet. Travel 800,000 years into the future by reading this classic science fiction story loved by high school students and adults
2 Fun Virtual Worlds Girls Will Enjoy
Girls just wanna have their own space! Check out these great virtual worlds for girls.
Send Digital Photo Greeting Cards for Your Next...
Send your loved ones a picture slideshow for their birthday or other special occasion with Digital Greeting Cards from Pandigital.
5 Great Gadgets for Mom's Holiday Wish List
Tech Gadgets that will make great holiday gifts.
The 5 Best Homework Helper Websites
Websites that have many resources to help your kids and teens find homework help.
DreamBox Learning K-2 Math
DreamBox Learning K-2 Math is a math website designed to grow with your child, as well as provide useful feedback to parents about the child’s skills.
Get Kids Outside with a Camera and a Challenge
A photo scavenger hunt for kids is a great family activity that gets kids outdoors while engaging their curiosity and critical thinking skills.
Take a Virtual Tour of the Louvre in Paris,...
Virtual Field Trip to the Louvre is an online tour of the Louvre museum in France. Here's an introduction to the famous art museum for kids and families.
Recommended Ages for Computer and Online Time
There is no right or wrong time to introduce your child to the family computer. The choice is based on your parenting style, your values and your child.
4 Virtual Worlds for Teenagers
Which sites are still cool? If you're looking to get lost in a virtual world, boy do we have a list of site for you!
PBS Kids Online
PBS Kids Online is a hot spot for toddlers and preschoolers. With games, music, movies and more, there is plenty to do and see.
10 Best Kids Apps For Learning
10 Apps for kids, that they will enjoy, and are creative, and that will also provide a great learning experience for them.
How Your Kids Can Enjoy Learning To Code For Free
Kids can learn coding through free iPad apps and websites.
Sexting- What Parents Need to Know
Educating parents and children on the dangers of sexting is one of the most important issues in today's culture.
How to Get Access to Hundreds of Disney Books...
Disney Story Central offers hundreds of your favorite Disney books and stories with interactive reading experiences on your iOS device or computer.
10 YouTube Channels for Kids and Teens
YouTube Channels with videos that will engage kids through teens.
A Digital Science Adventure You Will Not Want...
Environmental Science Exploration From The PBS Kids PLUM LANDING multimedia digital website and app
Keep Cash in Your Pocket While Shopping Online
How to save money shopping online while lounging on your couch.
How to Download and Read "White Fang" by Jack...
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How to Use Evernote for Family Organization
The basics of Evernote, and how to use it as a family.
Family Computer - Teens
Have questions about the family computer and your teen? Learn about computers and teens, Internet safety, video games and more.
7 Back to School Productivity Apps for Your Child
Mobile apps that will help teenage high school and college students be more productive.
A Parent's Guide to Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying is becoming a big problem, especially among teens. Learn what cyberbullying is and how to avoid it.
Your Kids Will Love These 10 Fun Educational...
10 reference websites for your kids to find information and get answers to questions.
5 Tech Tools to Help Parents Stay Organized
Tech tools to help families keep their schedules organized, store memories and shop for groceries.
How Were the Presidents Chosen for Mount...
Go online to take a Virtual Field Trip to Mount Rushmore and see a breathtaking 360 degree panoramic picture of the National Monument. Learn about Mount Rushmore online and experience one of the USA’s most awesome attractions.
Make a Stop Motion Animated Movie
Make a stop motion animated movie with your kids. It's an easy and fun project for rainy days.
How To Make Your iPad Safe For Your Kids
Sharing your iPad with your kids in a safe and protected way.
Best Home Technology Products For Families
Recommended best home technology products for families in 5 different tech categories.
Here's a White House Scavenger Hunt You Can Do...
White House Scavenger Hunt is a fun webquest for kids. Imagine snooping throughout the famous rooms looking at anything you please from home!
Visual Math for Middle School Students
Visual Math for Middle School Students is an article that provides a review of NLVM, a website for middle school visual math lessons. The article also offers information regarding virtual math manipulatives and visual learning
Great Art Activities For Your Teens At MoMA...
Museum of Modern Art Websites and app for teens and kids
Download the Classic "The Wonderful Wizard of...
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Take a Virtual Tour to Buckingham Palace in...
Take a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace to learn about the legendary site, the Royal Family and to get a 360 degree look inside. Then plan your own trip!
What to Look for in Software for Young Kids
These tips will help you choose quality software and video games for your young children.
Find Classic Books Online as Free Ebooks
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Should I Buy a Desktop vs. Laptop vs. Netbook...
Choosing which type of computer to buy for your family can be tricky. Should you buy a desktop vs. laptop vs. netbook?
Don't Be Clueless About Your Teen on Instagram
Keep your teens safe on Instagram with a little knowledge and some simple tips.
10 Ways to Protect Your Children from...
Learn how to protect your kids from cyberbullying attacks.
Amazon Prime Music, Video, Free Fast Shipping:...
With the addition of Amazon Prime Music, subscribing to Amazon Prime is even more worth it than ever.
Hot Summer Tech Gadgets For Your Family
Summer Tech Gadgets to help families get through the summer.
Is "Toy Story Mania!" for the Wii More...
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What to Consider When Buying a Computer For...
Buying a computer for your child is a big step. Ask your self these top five questions before you start shopping for a computer to simplify the task.
Simple.TV Lets You DVR Live TV And Watch It...
Simple.TV makes it easier to get rid of cable services because it provides a DVR which allows users to View, capture, share and record broadcast shows
What Inspired Lane Merrifield to Found...
Learn more about Club Penguin Co-Founder and Executive VP of the Disney Interactive Media Group, Lane Merrifield.
Integrate Your Tablet Into Your Life With The...
The OtterBox Agility Tablet system offers protection and functionality that will integrate the tablet into your family's life
How To Use The Family Safety Tools In Windows 8
Keeping your kids safe on Windows 8 computers with Family Safety Tools.
Never Lose Your Keys Again with Tile
Tile tags can help you find missing keys, bags, and other important items. Here's the scoop on how Tile works!
4 Great Books for Teaching Kids to Code
Teach your kids to code with these great kid-friendly programming books.
How Parents Can Use Pinterest For Ideas,...
Description of Pinterest. Family Technology.
A Website Review of Weather Wiz Kids
Weather for Kids is a review of Weather Wiz Kids, a Website About Weather for Kids from 8 to 12. The site teaches about weather for kids on the Internet and offers weather experiments for kids and weather activities for kids.
A Review of Plants vs. Zombies
Plants vs. Zombies is a quirky casual game with plenty of surprises in store. Find out if Plants vs. Zombies is right for your family.
Virtual Worlds for Boys - Fun Virtual Worlds...
These virtual worlds for boys serve up plenty of sports, cars and fun.
Classic Books Online: Sherlock Holmes
Read a Sherlock Holmes book, Study in Scarlet, for free over the Internet. Travel to Victorian England to solve a mystery by downloading this detective novel by Arthur Conan Doyle.
Educational Websites for Kids from Magazines
Kids' magazines often have some of the best websites for kids. They are engaging, educational and, most importantly, age appropriate.
Your Kids Will To Make, Code And Invent After...
Great products for kids that will get them to love coding, inventing, making and creating things because they are having fun.
How To Remove Programs from Windows
Follow these simple steps to declutter your computer.
The Best School Tablets for Kids of All Ages
The best value tablets to buy your kids depending on their ages and grades in school.
10 Reasons the MiP IS the Hottest Gift This Year
The MiP robot is an amazing toy and more and there are many reasons why people of all ages will love it. Here are 10.
What Can Your Toddler Draw With Just 4 Shapes?...
Tiggly Shapes invites toddlers and preschoolers to create and explore on tablets with real-world shapes that act like rubber stamps. We've got the scoop on how they work, if they work well, and what your kids will enjoy most.
Free Creative Photo Editing Online
Picnik allows you to edit your photos online with a variety of fun and powerful tools.
Videos for Kids - Watching Free Videos Online...
Hulu is a great place to watch online videos for free. Here are some tips and tricks for watching hulu with your kids.
Bluetooth Speakers And Headphones Make Great...
Inexpensive audio devices, such as Bluetooth speakers, headphones and earbuds, that will make great holiday gifts for your kids.
Want To Try Before You Buy? Get 5 Tech...
If you can't decide on which tech wearables and watches to buy, you can now rent 5 pieces for a week to try them out and make a decision.
Travel Apps For Family Vacations
Best apps for families when planning a vacation or trip.
Try These Prompts to Break Your Parenting Blog...
Writing a parenting blog can be fun, but you may feel at times that you've run out of ideas. Try these creative prompts to help beat writer's block.
A Look at the Educational Site Biology in Motion
Biology in Motion offers interactive activities in biology to engage children aged 13 to 17 in a wide range of life science topics.
How To Get Started With Instant Messaging
Get started with instant messaging and you can chat live online with your friends and family. Popular programs include AIM, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger.
Sphero BB-8's "Secret" Coding Apps Revealed
Sphero's BB-8 Droid is cute, but does he have substance to back it up? We've got a review, but also tips for taking him to the next level.
Play Carcassonne Online at Aso Brain Games
Aso Brain Games offers a free online version of the German board game, Carcassonne, but its registration process and design are not family-friendly.
Get Great App and Site Recs Emailed To You Daily
10 Examples of the Great app and website recommendations from Netted By The Webbys
Your Family Will Love These 3 Free Online...
3 great free online encyclopedias for kids, students and families
The Pros and Cons of the VTech Whiz Kid...
The VTech Whiz Kid PC Learning System combines education and fun for kids from 3-6.
What Is a Beta Test?
A beta tester gets early access to new software, hardware or websites for the purposes of testing, and has important responsibilities to uphold.
Why You May Need an Internet Filter
An Internet filter can block out unwanted content, such as pornography and hate group sites using a list of keywords and well-known URLs. More advanced filters can also block or filter chat rooms, instant messages, file downloads and forums. Learn how to keep children from accessing inappropriate material by installing an Internet filter
New Advanced Wearable Technology Products For...
New and different wearable technology products being developed.
Use the Health Resources on Arthur Family...
A new website by PBS KIDS' Arthur Family Health helps kids deal learn about children's health issues in a fun way.
The Wearable Tech Gifts That Protect Your Family
Wearable Technology that your teens and spouses will love and will also protect them, makes for great holiday gifts.
A Look at Mattel's Barbie Girls MP3 Player
For young girls who like Barbie, Mattel's Barbie Girls MP3 Player is a customizable music player with fun accessories and online features.
Fetch with Ruff Ruffman Teaches Grade School...
Fetch with Ruff Ruffman Teaches Science for Kids - A review of a site that promotes science for kids, will inform readers of a high quality e-learning website. The Fetch with Ruff Ruffman website provides fun science games and science videos for elementary school kids from ages 6 to 10.
Mobile Apps You and Your Kids Can Play Together
Fun app games for kids that parents will also enjoy playing with their children
Don't Miss Out On Original TV Series On Hulu Plus
Internet Streaming sites are creating a great deal of original content to compete with networks and cable. Here are some shows from Hulu Plus.
The Top Photo Sharing and Processing Websites
Storing, sharing and photo processing are three great services offered by both Shutterfly and Snapfish websites. Learn about the services each offers.
Preschoolers Find Can Lots to Do on Sheppard...
Sheppard Software's website offers a great learning experience for preschoolers. Games are varied, fun, educational and even teach computer skills.
As Teens Leave Facebook, Learn All About...
Help for parents to learn about Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, since most teens are moving away from Facebook.
How To Keep Your Teens Safe On Social Media
One of the best ways to keep your teens safe on social media is to learn their privacy policies and teach them to your teens.
Thank Your Party Guests with Custom T-Shirts
Make your next party an unforgettable event with custom T-shirt as party favors. This is a fun family computing project that's easy and unique.
5 Great Game Websites
5 of the best online game sites, including links and descriptions for each site.
Virtual Field Trip to the Museum of Natural...
Virtual Field Trip to the Museum of Natural History is an online tour of the famous museum in New York City. The article provides kids and families with an introduction to one of the largest natural history museums in the world.
Top Instant Messaging Programs
Looking for a great IM program? Try AOL AIM, Yahoo, Trillian or MSN Messenger.
Your Data Isn't "Up There" in the Cloud - So...
What is the cloud and how does the rise of cloud computing impact our privacy and security?
Weird Science Kids
Weird Science Kids contains more than 100 messy, loud and exciting science experiments for kids.
Tech Gifts and Computer Toys for Babies and...
Babies and Toddlers like to dabble with computers. These gifts introduce them to technology while keeping your computer and tech devices safe.
Learn About Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece Online
Using the Internet to learn about Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece is an educational activity which can help bring history alive for kids. Visit websites with kid-friendly information and pictures about the classical world.
Best Video Games and Gadgets for Preschoolers
Video Games for Preschoolers? Gadgets for Preschoolers? Yep. Even preschoolers love to have their own video games and gadgets. This guide will help you choose the best video games, cameras, handheld gaming, and other gadgets for the preschool set.
myPC Toddler Stage 1 Keyboard Review
The myPC Stage 1 Toddler Keyboard is spill-proof and dishwasher safe. Find out if it's the right keyboard for your kids.
Why AVG Zen Will Make Monitoring Your Family's...
How you can maintain and monitor all of your family's PCs and other devices from one dashboard with AVG Zen.

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