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Weird Science Kids


Type of Site:

Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Homeschooling

Recommended Ages:

6+ (with an adult)


Full Description:

Weird Science Kids is actually a science program that works with schools to provide hands-on science exploration. Their website lists more than 100 science experiments you can do in a classroom or at home, many of them with materials you'll have around the house. There are environmental explorations, such as "Ecosystem in a Bottle," and explosive experiments, such as "Mentos Geyser." From messy to loud to amazing, there is something for everyone.

Please Note:

The experiments range in difficulty and danger and should be done with adult supervision. Also, if you will be using these for science enrichment, you'll probably need to do a little research first. The experiments come with scientific explanations, but they are not very detailed.
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