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Create Your Own Virtual Sand Art


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Type of Activity:

Creative, Sand Art

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Full Description:

Remember doing sand art as a kid? You'd choose a funky bottle and fill it with layers of different colored sand. The end result looked like a landscape from another planet. The one real flaw was that it had the potential to be very messy. Thisissand.com is the virtual version of old-school sand art. All the fun without the mess.

Just click and drag and you'll drop grains of virtual "sand" on your screen. Press "c" to change the color of the sand or "e" to start a new drawing. Once you've completed your masterpiece, upload it to the gallery and see what other people have come up with.

Please Note:

Thisissand.com is easy enough for even very young children to do. As a bonus, the drawing page is completely blank, so there is no need to worry about advertising or inappropriate content while playing.
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