1. Parenting
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Dance Mat Typing


Type of Activity:

Typing instruction

Recommended Ages:



Full Description:

Dance Mat Typing from the BBC is an engaging set of typing lessons to introduce kids to basic keyboarding skills. Each level introduces a few new keys and concepts. The instructions are taught by a wide cast of colorful characters, including a cat, a yak and a giraffe and the practice exercises include some letter patterns, as well as some words.

The site is cute and is a great introduction for kids. It would be nice to have more word typing exercises, because I personally find it easier to touch-type words I know that random letters. I would also like to see practice drills outside of the lessons.

Please Note:

Some of the characters speak with strong accents that I found difficult to understand. Also, those who write in American English may be challenged by the British spelling on certain words.

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