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Virtual Tour of the White House

Tour the White House Using Your Home Computer For a Virtual Field Trip


Let's take a virtual tour of the White House to get an up close and personal look at one of the most famous buildings in the world. Although the First Family lives there, it's been called The People's House. So c'mon, people. It's time to visit the White House - from the comfort of your own home!

Interactive Tour of the White House

Inside the White House is the White House's official online tour. This interesting, informative website provides an interactive map of the White House. Click on the room or area that you want to visit and you'll access a photo and a description of that place. Descriptions include the function and history of the various locations in the West Wing, Residence, East Wing, and South Lawn. There are also special videos available that give a behind the scenes look at life in the White House.

The White House also offers a Tours and Events page which gives information for those looking to take an actual visit to the White House. This page provides links to pages about Holiday activities and yearly events, such as the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

Panoramic Tour of the White House

For a 360 degree panoramic experience, visit White House Tours. This web page allows you to put yourself, virtually, in the middle of over a dozen White House Rooms. Use your mouse to move around each room. Scroll up to look at the high ceilings and scroll down to see the ornate carpets. There is even a zoom option which lets you get a close up look at any object in the room. This archived site was posted by a previous Administration so its information and links are all outdated. However, its virtual tour of the White House is still very relevant and very impressive. Panoramic views include the:

Photo Tour of the White House

We'll conclude our virtual tour by taking an online photo tour of the White House. This page offers an excellent picture gallery that shows different perspectives and close-up views of the amazing architecture and furnishings of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC - better known as the White House.

Images that focus on life inside of the White House are posted at Photo of the Day by the White House Photo Office.

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