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Sheppard Software for Preschoolers


Sheppard Software for Preschoolers
Sheppard Software - Used By Permission
Sheppard Software, the online educational website that has parents raving, is a great supplement to your child's education. Their interactive format, kid-friendly colors and visuals, and superb content make them one of the web's top spots for web-based education. For preschoolers specifically, the website offers a ton of great content to help your youngster get a head start on a great education. Their format is easy for preschoolers to navigate, and the whole experience is created by professionals with the child in mind.

When you first visit the preschool section of the Sheppard Software website, you'll immediately notice its kid-friendly format, vibrant colors and images, and easy-to-follow interface. It even has a voice that responds to your little one's mouse movements, to help them navigate the site.

The preschool section of Sheppard Software is broken out into several basic sections.

Animal Alphabet

The animal alphabet section gives your preschooler a fantastic foundation in the basics of the alphabet, using the timeless kid favorite, animals! In this interactive lesson, your child will hear and see animals that start with certain letters of the alphabet. Then they are quizzed on what they learned.


In the numbers section, your preschooler starts with number one, and from the beginning, will be challenged to answer questions about the basics. The website features a voice that reads the questions to your child, so reading is not necessary. They're encouraged along the way, as they successfully complete each number.


On the shapes page, your preschooler will help Purpy find his favorite shapes. This section relates everyday objects to the shapes they represent, circles, triangles, and squares. It's so much fun for your little one that they'll hardly realize they're learning.


Bloople's Colors is a great way to help your young one learn their colors. Each "Bloople" needs help finding the toys that are the same color as they are. Your child will help the Blooples put their toys away by color, then they find all the other blooples that are the same color. It's a great, interactive way for your child to get a good foundation knowing their colors. If your child picks incorrectly, the voice simply states the correct color, and your child can pick again.

Preschool Animals

The Preschool animals page has a ton of great resources to help your child learn about animals. It's broken out into 4 basic sections: ocean, jungle, forest, and farm. In each of those sections, your preschooler can watch a movie, create a scene (a moving underwater ocean scene for example), play a game, do flashcards to learn about it, or find and count within that setting. My favorite is the "create" section. Your child can pick the types of fish that he wants in the ocean, and as he does, the voice tells him what type of fish it is. Once they place the fish in the ocean, they swim around on the screen!

Color Game

The color game is where your child will drag objects of different colors into the box that matches the color of the object. It's a great way to help your child identify different objects of different colors, and also helps them begin to use the mouse to drag and drop, which will come in handy their whole life!

In addition to these sections, you'll find plenty of interactive games and lessons that will help your preschooler in so many ways. Sheppard Software for your preschooler is a great way to help them get a head start on school. It will help supplement any preschool work they're doing, and will be a fun alternative to TV shows and video games.

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