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Top Online Dictionaries for Kids

These dictionaries cater specifically to children


What makes a dictionary a "dictionary for kids"? Good question. You can find all sorts of dictionaries online, but only a few are aimed at children. You want to look for ones that are age-appropriate and use language accessible to young(er) readers. Here are a few that we think fit the bill.

Word Central Student Dictionary

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Word Central uses the Merriam-Webster dictionary to provide results. If a user misspells a word, the dictionary will provide suggestions for the correct spelling. It also provides suggestions for words that may have multiple interpretations. For example, a search for "Scientist" offers a number of options including "earth scientist," "social scientist" and "political science." Each definition includes a sound file for pronunciation. Nice dictionary for kids.

Little Explorers Picture Dictionary

This dictionary is geared towards very young learners and is designed to be browsed, rather than searched. It behaves more like an encyclopedia than a dictionary. Each entry has an illustration and a couple of sentences about the topic. Many entries include a link to find more information. The words in the Little Explorers dictionary range from extremely common ("hair") to relatively obscure ("Queen Alexandra's birdwing butterfly" - the largest butterfly in the world, according to Little Explorers). The site now includes multi-language versions include, English-French, English-Dutch and English-Japanese.


Wordsmyth is a full-featured dictionary including pronunciation, animation, synonyms, photographs and etymology. Users have the option to search with three different levels: Beginner's, Children's, and Advanced. The Beginner's level is the most simple, focusing on a simple primary definition. Children's is slightly more complex with multiple simple definitions. The site will also create a few different types of quizzes, so kids can use it for a practice tool as well.
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