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Watching Free Videos for Kids Online with Hulu


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Hulu Overview:

It's convenient to watch videos online with your kids. Hulu provides plenty of free online video content for kids and families. Basically, Hulu is a video aggregation site. It takes video content from its partners and makes it available for viewing on your computer. Hulu requires the installation of a special media player, which allows users to watch in a variety of formats (full screen, pop out window, etc.), share with others or embed on a website. Both TV shows and movies contain advertising content. A Premium service is available with additional content and the option to watch on portable devices like tablets and phones.

What We Like About Hulu:

Hulu has a wide variety of television programs and movies and they are well organized into useful categories. The media player also includes a variety of options for watching and sharing videos. Extra bonus: watch TV whereever you go - you can even take Hulu outside!

What We Don't Like About Hulu:

The biggest issue from a parent perspective is that movie ratings aren't easily accessible (they pop up when you mouse over the movie name) or searchable. The site can also be overwhelming and confusing for new users, especially since Hulu has a lot of "excerpts" mingled in with the full movies and programs. Family-friendly movies are still limited.

Recommended Kid-friendly Videos:

Tips for Parents:

Hulu isn't appropriate for kids to browse on their own. There is content that is not child-friendly. Best bet? Register for an account and add your favorite movies to a queue. Then you'll have them handy for when you need a video diversion for your family!
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