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Neopets Website

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The Bottom Line

Neopets is an engaging website for kids of all ages. With plenty to do and child-friendly policies, it's good choice for families. That said, parents will want to take a close look at the privacy policies, as well as some of the games, to make sure they align with family values.


  • It’s free
  • There are a wide variety of things to do and see
  • Kids can learn about saving money and working towards a goal


  • Adults and kids inhabit the space together
  • Some of the games may seem like they encourage gambling


  • Free registration allows you to adopt 4 Neopets
  • Build a Neohome, run a shop, play games or join a guild.
  • Character tie-ins include stuffed animals, trading cards and an upcoming movie

Guide Review - Neopets Website

Neopets: a Virtual World

Neopia is a virtual world inhabited by a variety of strange-looking creatures called Neopets. The pets resemble familiar creatures such as unicorns, snakes, dogs, etc. Each registered user can adopt up to 3 pets to care for. Although the site may look like it was designed for children, the creators intended it as a playground for college students. The end result is a site that appeals to everyone from young children to grandparents alike.

Things to Do

The appeal of Neopets is due mainly to the wide variety of activities available on the site. With the exception of feeding the pets, there are no expectations about what people should be doing while on the site. Some users spend their time building and decorating a home for their pets, others train their pets and compete in battle. Entrepreneurial pet owners build shops, but some prefer to make money (Neopoints, or NPs) by playing one of the many games online. Players who rack up their NPs can shop for furniture, clothes or even books for their adopted pets.

Here are just some of the activities people enjoy on Neopets:

  • Care for your pets
  • Play games
  • Collect objects
  • Make money
  • Battle other pets
  • Solve puzzles
  • Build and decorate a home for your pets
  • Play the stock market
  • Get a job
  • Join a guild (a group of people with an interest in common)

Child Safety

While children are sharing the space with adults, Neopets does have some safeguards in place to help parents control what their kids can see and do. Players under the age of 13 have restricted access to certain features, including the messaging system and forums. In addition, Neopets limits the information collected for children and encourages parents to discuss Internet safety with their family.

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