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The Bottom Line

MySpace can be a fun place to spend your time online. It’s a nice way to connect with friends and family and has some great features. That said, it’s not a very safe place for children. Parents who allow their kids to access MySpace should take the time to make sure their experience is as safe as it can be.

The site gets three stars because of the strength of the features and the fact that adults enjoy it just as much as the kids. It loses stars for its inability to provide better safeguards for underage members, as well as for the abundance of content that is inappropriate for children and may bother adults.


  • Great features
  • An active community
  • Free registration


  • Predators take advantage of the popularity
  • A lot of mature content
  • Has had problems with malware/spyware


  • Connect with friends and family with email and instant messenger.
  • Share information through blogs and a profile space.
  • Customize your profile and your privacy options to meet your own needs.

Guide Review - MySpace.com

Let’s face it – MySpace.com is many parents’ worst nightmare, although there is nothing inherently wrong or bad about the site. It’s a social networking site, which means if you’re my friend and he’s your friend, he should be my friend, too. MySpace can be a lot of fun. You can connect with old friends, make new friends, support great bands, share your favorite things and maybe find some new favorites. You’re bound to find someone you know; MySpace consistently ranks at the top of the list of the most popular sites on the web, according to popularity tracking site, Alexa.

Each MySpace user creates a personal profile and has access to a number of different information “modules,” including:

  • Mail
    Send messages to your friends
  • Instant Messenger
    Chat online with friends
  • Mood
    Share your current mood with all of your friends
  • Bulletin
    Post updates in your life on your friends’ profiles so they can see them right away.
  • School
    Connect with other people who attend(ed) the same school(s)
  • Blogs
    Share your day-to-day life, poetry, news, etc., with the world

MySpace has gotten some bad press about their lack of safeguards for kids, but the fact is that it’s not much worse than any other site with similar features. The sheer number of people using the MySpace ensures that it’s going to end up in the news more than some other lesser-known sites. This is hardly a consolation to parents whose children have gone missing, or kids who have faced serious consequences from their online posts, but it is an important reminder to keep an eye on your children regardless of what they’re doing online.

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