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Sheppard Software

Education and Fun for the Whole Family

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Sheppard Software

Sheppard Software - used by permission

Sheppard Software is a virtual playground where kids and non-kids can go to learn and play at the same time. There is so much to do on the site, that it seems like you'll never get to all of it. Broken out into 9 broad categories, the Sheppard Software website is a library of educational information that is fun, interactive, and, best of all, free. You and your family can enjoy hours of engaging learner-based content in a safe, fun, online environment.

9 Categories of Sheppard Software

Sheppard has divided their site into 9 easily discernible categories, which are:

1. United States Geography - states, capitals, and basic regions of the U.S.

2. World Geography - a place to practice on countries across the globe.

3. Animals - games and tutorials to teach kids about all kinds of animals.

4. Language Arts - brush up on grammar, parts of a sentence, and capitalization.

5. Health - health and fitness, medical jargon, and other health information.

6. Science - seasons, cells, dinosaurs, and much more!

7. Math - games, practice, memorization, and everything your child needs to brush up on math.

8. Pre-School - shapes, numbers, colors and alphabet.

9. Brain - the best games to test your brain power!

Each of these categories is filled with interactive games, tutorials, and other brain-engaging activities that your child will enjoy. The designers obviously know how to get the attention of a young learner, because the video and audio cues that come with each activity are great! In the sections geared towards younger kids, a voice helps your child navigate as they move their mouse over the icons. My kids have no problem finding their favorite game on Sheppard Software.

What Age Groups Can Use Sheppard Software?

Sheppard Software - Used by permission

Sheppard has educational categories for preschool age kids all the way through college. Even though the cartoon-style animation seems to be geared towards a younger crowd, I even found myself wanting to brush up on geography or the US Presidents, and the style of the website makes that fun and easy. No matter your age, you can find something that will grab your attention on Sheppard Software.

Is There an Ad-Free Version?

Yes! The Ad-Free version starts at just $36 per year for a family. That $36 allows unlimited logins for all members of one household. They also have discounted rates for classroom teachers, and for entire schools to utilize the site. As education and technology continue to evolve together, I could see Sheppard Software being utilized in classrooms all over the world.

Where Should I Start?

Sheppard Software - used by permission

Five things you have to try right now:

1. Fruit-Shoot Subtraction - An awesome and fun game where you're given a math problem, and you have to shoot the fruit that contains the correct answer.

2. USA States - An interactive map to help you or your child practice on the placement of states in the US.

3. Food Groups Game - A fun and educational game where the object is to drag and drop the food into its appropriate food group.

4. Bouncing Balls, Jr. - A fun game of shooting balls of the same color together to eliminate them.

5. Battleship - A simple online version of the classic Battleship game.

With Sheppard Software, there's something for your child, regardless of their age. Whether you're adding to a homeschool curriculum, or supplementing their public education, Sheppard Software will help your kids with the foundational pieces of a good education. As a parent, I love the fact that it's free, but yet the quality is high. I highly recommend this website for any parent looking to boost their child's education.

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