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Learn About Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece Online

Go Online with your Kids to Learn About Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece


Using the Internet to learn about Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece is a great way for kids to discover how interesting history can actually be. These ancient civilizations are colorful and mysterious, like cities out of a fantasy story – yet they really existed.  This opens up a lot of possibilities for discussion. How were these cultures similar? How were they different? How are they similar to our society, today? What do you think it would be like living in ancient Egypt or ancient Rome? A lively talk is an effective way to bring history alive for your children.  

To help fuel your discussions, there are many websites that cover ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece. The sites that I will highlight give a nice overviews regarding these ancient societies.  They are all appropriate for children from 8 to 12 years of age. They are all well designed websites featuring quality content, so adults will enjoy them too.

Ancient Egypt Online

KingTutOne.com offers material about the ancient Egyptians geared to children of various ages. This site’s homepage gives information on mummies, Pharaohs, Egyptian gods, pyramids, temples, and (of course) King Tut. There are also pages where you can download Egyptian clipart and send Egyptian themed E-cards. For younger children there is a page for Egyptian-based activities and for older kids there is a chat forum on the topic of ancient Egypt.

Ancient Rome Online

Romans is a kid-friendly website that provides a lot of interesting facts about the Roman Empire, including information about ancient Rome’s army, technology, roads, and religion. There is also an interactive timeline which you can click to find out about important events throughout Roman history. For educators, there is a link to useful resources such as quizzes, activities, videos, and worksheets. This website was created by BBC Learning, a public service initiative of the British Broadcasting Company dedicated to supporting education.

Ancient Greece Online

Ancient Greece is a website created by Social Studies for Kids. It is an excellent directory of links leading to articles, maps, timelines and glossaries about Greece of the ancient world. Topics include: Athens and Sparta, Persian Wars, An Introduction to Ancient Greece, The First Olympics, Crete, Lycurgus and Solon, and Alexander the Great. The design of this site is not very flashy, however it does serve as a fine gateway to online educational content about the ancient society of Classical Greece.

The Ancient World Online

It’s extra-credit time! For a more in-depth look at the ancient world, visit the following websites.  Ancient Women’s History will introduce you to ancient female warriors, rulers, and goddesses. Great Architecture of the Ancient World will let you explore fantastic monuments, temples, and tombs built from 3000 BC to 1000 AD.  To learn about what the ancient Greeks and Romans ate and drank, visit Foods in the Classical World which includes historical facts on wine, wheat, honey, and the Roman soldier’s typical diet. Finally, we will end our historical tour with Ancient Atlas, a site that offers pictures of maps from the ancient world.

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