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Where to go online? Find the best websites for your entire family including those with games, recipes, home decorating tips and homework help.
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Virtual Field Trip to Niagara Falls
Take a Virtual Trip to Niagara Falls with your family. Learn abbout Niagara Falls online and experience one of North America’s most awesome natural wonders.

10 Most Influential Virtual Worlds of the '00s
Although they have been around in some form for decades, most people had never even heard the term "virtual world" prior to 2000. Now they are a common household name, especially in homes with children. Virtual Worlds are online spaces where people adopt avatars (a some form of representation such as a picture or name), and interact in with a...

Wolfram Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine
Wolfram Alpha is a unique site that allows you to calculate a wide range of information encompassing math, science, geography, social studies, medicine.

Play Carcassone Online for Free
Enjoy a free online version of the German board game, Carcassone.

Free Creative Photo Editing Online
Picnik allows you to edit your photos online with a variety of fun and powerful tools.

Watching Free Videos for Kids Online with Hulu
Hulu is a great place to watch online videos for free. Here are some tips and tricks for watching hulu with your kids.

CSI - The Experience
Are you intrigued by forensics? Do you love watching CSI? This interactive website leads you through the steps of analyzing a crime scene.

Find Books Online for Free
You can find just about anything on the Internet, but did you know that you can get entire books online for free? My favorites are the books for children, but there is something out there for everyone. Enjoy!

MySpace can be a fun place to spend your time online. It’s a nice way to connect with friends and family and has some great features. That said, it’s not the safest place for children. Parents who allow their kids to access MySpace should take the time to make sure their experience is as safe as it can be.

Neopets looks like a fun site, but is it appropriate for your kids? Find out what it's all about.

This social networking site for moms has mom blogs, community forums, a photo sharing area and a section for questions and answers.

Toy Hazard Recalls
This site lists toy recalls dating back to 1974. It's a good idea to check the list once or twice a year. Although you may not choose to return a particular toy, the list can also help you become aware of possible dangers.

Snopes.com Urban Legends Reference Pages: Inboxer Rebellion
Snopes.com is well known for debunking (or proving) some of the most persistent urban legends. Their "Inboxer Rebellion" pages are more than just entertainment, however. They can help you determine reality from hoax and good deal from super scam. Before forwarding a message, clicking a link, or even thinking about believing something you found online, visit Snopes.com for the truth.

Virtual Field Trip to Buckingham Palace
Visit Buckingham Palace by taking a virtual tour and learning about the Royal Family.

Learn About Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece Online
Explore the past by learning about Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece online with your kids.

Classic Books Online: The Time Machine
Read a classic book, The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, for free over the Internet. Travel 800,000 years into the future by reading this classic science fiction story.

Ocean Life Webquest for 3rd Grade to 5th Grade Students
Explore the habitats and behavior of sea creatures using SpongeBob Squarepants characters for inspiration.

WebQuest: Chinese Zodiac for Kids
WebQuest: Chinese Zodiac for Kids introduces children to Chinese culture and history. The activity involves researching the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

Virtual Field Trip to the Pyramids
Virtual field trip to the pyramids for kids is a fantastic online tour of the ancient tombs and temples of Egypt. Field trip includes specific Internet tours of Egypt for elementary, middle school, and high school students.

White House Scavenger Hunt – Help Find the President's Secret Documents!
White House Scavenger Hunt is a fun webquest for kids. Imagine tearing around the White House like crazy, snooping throughout the famous rooms looking at anything you please.

Virtual Field Trip to the Liberty Bell
Take a virtual field trip to the Liberty Bell to learn about this American symbol of freedom. This online tour lets families visit the Liberty Bell in Historic Philadelphia via the Internet.

Virtual Field Trip to the Museum of Natural History
Virtual Field Trip to the Museum of Natural History is an online tour of the famous museum in New York City. The article provides kids and families with an introduction to one of the largest natural history museums in the world.

Internet Radio for the Family
List of the best and easiest to use internet radio websites and applications.

What is Evernote?
The basics of Evernote, and how to use it as a family.

Sheppard Software
Overview of the Sheppard Software website

Sheppard Software for Preschoolers
Overview of the features and uses of Sheppard Software online for preschoolers.

5 Great Game Websites
5 of the best online game sites, including links and descriptions for each site.

Best Websites for Back to School
The best of the web for getting your kids re-engaged in the learning process after summer.

8 Book Recommendation Websites for Children, Teens and Tweens

10 Engaging YouTube Channels For Kids and Teens
YouTube Channels with videos that will engage kids through teens.

Sesame Street Initiative Helps Children Overcome Challenges

10 Fun Reference Websites for Kids

10 Video Games For Social Good For Teens and Children

8 Arts And Design Websites That Bring Out Creativity

App And Site Recommendations Daily From Netted By The Webbys
10 Examples of the Great app and website recommendations from Netted By The Webbys

MoMA Online Art Activities For Teens and Kids

Health Resources For Kids On Arthur Family Health Website

Amazon Prime Adds Music - Another Reason To Subscribe

4 College Search and Advice Websites For You and Your Teens

5 Websites That Inspire Girls To Pursue Technology careers
Five websites that will encourage and inspire girls to major in and pursue careers in STEM subjects.

Science Exploration at PBS Kids' New PLUM LANDING Adventure
Environmental Science Exploration From The PBS Kids PLUM LANDING multimedia digital website and app

3 Best Niche Social Networking Websites For Tweens
Three social networks for tweens that each have a distinct niche, books, video reviews and the arts.

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