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Five Useful Apps for Going Back to School

Digital Tools to Help High School Students Start off the School Year


New classes, pop quizzes, tough teachers. Let them do their worst - you’ve got technology at your disposal that they never dreamed of! There are some great apps available to add to your technical arsenal as you prepare to go back to school. Here are 5 free applications that you might want to know about. They were developed to help students stay on top of their work by keeping organized and having information available when needed. If you think any of these apps will help, download ‘em and when school starts show those educators what you’ve got!

MyHomework is an iPhone application designed to help you organize and manage school related information, like your class schedule and upcoming homework assignments. It looks like a notebook with post it notes but it’s more portable and convenient. The application lets you create a color coded calendar listing of your homework projects so you can keep track of their due dates. It’s a simple but effective app. Just make sure your dog doesn’t eat it.

Periodic Table of Elements
What mad scientist, wizard, or high school student wouldn’t want all of the elements at his or her fingertips! This useful iPad app displays the periodic table of elements and offers information about each element including its symbol, atomic number, group, boiling point, and more. Whether you love science or hate it, you will appreciate all the information that this app puts in your corner.

Focus Booster
Focus Booster is a basic time management tool that you download onto your computer. According to its website, the app helps you eliminate the anxiety of time and enhance your focus and concentration. Focus Booster is a digital timer that helps you break your work down into 25-minute segments. It allows short breaks in between sessions to improve your attention and focus. If this technique works for you, take advantage of Focus Booster and its customizable time and sound settings, as well as its session counter.

This free application for iPhone and iPad includes almost 2,000,000 words, definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and reference content from Dictionary.com AND Thesaurus.com. The app also provides audio pronunciations, voice-to-text search, Word of the Day, word history, example sentences, and (just in case your love of words has not been satisfied) a Hot Word blog.

Nobody gets out of high school without dealing with this guy! Before your teacher starts quoting him like some reject from the BBC, wouldn’t it be nice to already have the story on Shakespeare? This helpful app, for iPhone and iPad, contains the complete works of the Bard – all fully searchable to find whatever word or phrase you are looking for. Also included is a directory of Shakespearean terms and a section dedicated to famous Shakespeare quotes, so you can beat your teacher at his own game!


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