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Top Wish List Websites

Gift Giving Made Easy


Gift registries used to be available only for weddings, but soon they opened up for baby showers as well. Now you can create a registry, or wish list, for any occasion. Create one for each of your kids and make birthdays and holidays less stressful for relatives.

This list is comprised of the top gift registry sites. The best sites have a wide range of products available and are easy to use. If you'll be making gift lists for your children, you'll also want the option to create multiple lists.


Amazon was one of the first sites that encouraged the creation of personal wish lists for birthdays and holidays. Although you are limited to the products that Amazon carries, they have enough variety for a fun wish list, especially for kids. In addition to books, CDs and movies, you can find clothes, electronics, household items, tools, furniture and even grocery items. As a bonus, Amazon.com has great discounts and free shipping on many of their products.


Kaboodle combines the elements of a classic wish list with the community building aspects of social networking sites. Install a bookmarklet in your browser and you can quickly and easily add cool things you see as you browse the web. Friends can "reserve" items on your list so others don't buy duplicates.

List Ideas

List Ideas allows you to add items from any website that interests you using a simple bookmarklet. You can share your list with others, browse other wish lists for ideas, and even add your list to your blog or website.


boxedup.com is another wishlist-meets-social-networking site with the option to add lists to MySpace pages, Friendster, Facebook and hi5. Add items as you browse the web with an easy-to-install bookmarklet.


WishList.com is a basic wish list site without any of the social networking bells and whistles some other sites have. That said, in addition to using a bookmarklet to add items, you can use a camera phone to send items directly to your account while out shopping. WishList.com also has several thousand stores available to shop with.

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