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A Website Review of Weather Wiz Kids

The Science of Weather for Kids in Elementary School


The Bottom Line

Weather Wiz Kids is a great learning resource about the weather for kids to visit online. Weather Wiz Kids is an appealing, informative website which is appropriate for children between 8 and 12. It was created by a professional meteorologist named Crystal Wicker for the specific purpose of explaining the science of weather in a simple, direct manner. Weather related topics include: Clouds, Wind, Storms, Hurricanes, Thunderstorms, Lightning, Climate, Tornadoes, Temperature, Wildfires, and Weather Forecasting. The site also provides information to kids on how to become a weather person. There is also a question and answer page where Crystal responds to kid’s questions about the weather.


Weather Wiz Kids is a free website

Site is best for children between 8 and 12

Site provides information about over two dozen weather related topics

Site allows kids to look up their local forecast by entering their zip code

Site allows you to sign up for the free Weather Wiz Kids newsletter


The site was written specifically with children in mind – and that comes across

The site provides dozens of informative links

The site is a great resource for educators

The site provides career information about becoming a meteorologist

Provides a link to the site’s official Facebook page

The site conveys the enthusiasm of its webmaster, Crystal


The site doesn’t have a lot of the flashy graphics that kids are used to


Review of the Weather Wiz Kids Website:

Weather Wiz Kids is an educational website that was created in 2003 by television meteorologist, Crystal Wicker.  The site is perfect for elementary school children because of its straightforward approach in describing the science behind the weather. The site’s tone is conversational and casual, without a lot of complicated jargon to intimidate the kids. The look and feel of the site is engaging and fun. It includes weather related games, jokes, and photos. The site is not packed with flashy graphics, and animation – which I actually found to be part of its appeal. This is ‘old school’ Internet. Content and personality drive this web site.

Weather Wiz kids offers children enough informative material to tap for school reports or science projects. One of my favorite pages on this site, Weather Experiments for Kids, contains numerous weather related science activities including: Tornado in a Jar, Make Lightning, Bend Water, Indoor Rainbow, Cloud in a Bottle, Make Fog, and the all time classic – Baking Soda Volcano! Weather Wiz Kids also provides links to websites that let you track storms, get your local 7 day weather forecast, and see radar or satellite images of your state.

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