1. Parenting

Family Computing Projects

How to set up your instant messaging accounts, create a basic website and more.

Have a Photo Scavenger Hunt
A photo scavenger hunt is a great family activity and a way to keep kids busy while having fun.

Create Custom T-Shirts for Party Favors
Custom T-shirts make great party favors and are a fun family computing project for all ages.

Make a Stop Motion Animated Movie
Make a stop motion animated movie with your kids. It's an easy and fun project for rainy days.

Make an ABC Book or Slideshow with Your Digital Camera
Use your digital camera to help your children learn their ABCs. A great rainy day activity.

Take Mystery Pictures
Taking mystery pictures is a fun family activity and is great for rainy days, school vacations and boredom busters. All you really need is a digital camera and an open mind.

Adding a New User Profile in Windows Vista
When several people share the same computer, it is best to give each user their own profile or account. This prevents them from accessing each other's files and settings. Adding a new user to Windows Vista is as easy as can be. This handy tutorial will show you how.

Clean Your Desktop Computer Keyboard
With lots of little hands using your computer keyboard, it can get pretty dirty. Regular cleaning will keep your keys clicking and grime free.

How To Remove Programs from a Windows Based PC
After a while, you computer has probably collected all sorts of old games, software demos, outgrown educational software, etc. Every so often, take a few minutes to remove old software from your machine. It will free up space for fun new things. Follow these simple steps to declutter your computer.

Get Started With Instant Messaging
Get started with instant messaging and you can chat live online with your friends and family. Popular programs include AIM, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger.

Caterpillar to Butterfly Blog
Learn to create a Caterpillar to Butterfly Blog. Raise live butterflies and blog about it.

Identify Trees, Rocks, and Birds in Your Neighborhood
Learn to identify trees, rocks, and birds in your neighborhood.

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