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Having Fun With the Family Computer


Computers provide a lot of family friendly entertainment, especially on rainy and snowy days. Here are some of the best toys, video games, websites and projects for everyone in the family.
  1. Video Games & Fun Software
  2. Toys and Gear
  3. Websites
  1. TV, Movies and Books
  2. Fun Projects
  3. Fun Apps

Video Games & Fun Software

Video Games can be fun, educational and a way to blow off steam. Choose the best games for your family.

Toys and Gear

There are plenty of fun gadgets and gear to go with your computer, from funky mice to colorful cameras. These toys and hardware make for fun gifts and enhanced computing.


Fun new websites are cropping up every day. Come here to find new favorites.

TV, Movies and Books

You can find more and more media options online, but locating the quality sites can be a challenge. These will give you a great starting point.

Fun Projects

Computers aren't simply word processors or video game consoles. They're tools for creating new things. Try out some of these fun projects to make the most out of your computer.

Fun Apps

 With the advent of mobile apps, kids and adults are spending less time on computers and more time using apps on their mobile devices.

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