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Intro to Family Computing

Are you planning to buy a new family computer? About.com can help you make decisions about what kind of computer to buy, where it should reside in your home, how to set it up, and what sort of rules you should make for the safety of your children.

Family Computer - Teens
Have questions about the family computer and your teen? Learn about computers and teens, Internet safety, video games and more.

Family Computer - Tweens
Using the family computer with your tween can be both fun and rewarding. Here are some great games, websites and tools for making the most out of computer time with your tween.

Family Computer - Elementary School Children
Using the family computer with your elementary school child can be both fun and rewarding. Here are some great games, websites and tools for making the most out of computer time with your elementary school child.

Family Computer - Preschool Children
Introducing the family computer to your preschool child can be a lot of fun. Here are some great games, websites and tools for introducing the computer to your preschooler.

Family Computer - Baby and Toddler
Are you hoping to start using the computer with your baby or toddler? You'll find games, websites and tips for using the computer with your baby or toddler.

Computing 101 for Young Kids
Starting young children out on the computer can be overwhelming for parents. These tips will help you figure out when and how to introduce kids to the computer and Internet.

Guest Author Bio - Megan Burleson
Megan Burleson is a guest author for the Family Computing section at About.com.

How to Limit Computer Time for Kids
How do you limit computer time for your kids? Share your ideas and see what others have to say.

What to Look for in Software for Young Kids
These tips will help you choose quality software and video games for your young children.

Limiting Computer Use for Kids
How much time should your child spend online and how do you enforce those rules?

Buying Video Games for Kids
Before you buy video games for kids, do your homework. Check your system specifications and the ESRB rating to ensure the best gaming experience for your family.

Add New User Profiles to Windows Vista
When several people share the same computer, it is best to give each user their own profile or account. This prevents them from accessing each other's files and settings. Adding a new user to Windows Vista is as easy as can be. This handy tutorial will show you how.

Parent's Guide to Internet Safety
Internet filters are great, but they aren't the total solution for protecting children while online. Learn how to go beyond the filters to keep your kids safe.

Recommended Ages for Computer and Online Time
There is no right or wrong time to introduce your child to the family computer. Consider these milestones as you help your children learn how to use the computer, how to communicate online, and how to remain safe.

Where to Place the Computer
The location of the computer in your household may turn into a raging debate as your children get older. The battle lines are drawn between your child wanting privacy, the needs of other family members to access the machine and concerns you may have over the safety of your children while online.

Buying a Laptop vs. a Desktop as a Family Computer
Take these factors into account when buying a new computer to help you decide between a laptop and a desktop.

Why You May Need an Internet Filter
Internet Filters are an excellent way to protect your family from accessing inappropriate content online.

Guest Author Bio - Sandra Gordon
Sandra Gordon is a guest author on the About.com Family Computing site.

How To Buy a Computer For Your Child
Top questions to ask when buying a computer for your child.

How Much Memory Does My Computer Have?
How much memory does my computer really have? Are KB bigger than MB? Why is my hard drive smaller than I thought? Find the answers to your computer storage and memory questions.

Remove Programs from Your Windows Based Computer
Follow these simple steps to declutter your computer.

Clean Your Desktop Keyboard
With lots of little hands using your desktop computer keyboard, it can get pretty dirty. Regular cleaning will keep your keys clicking and grime free.

PC World Guide to Complete PC Preventive Maintenance
This guide is full of tips on keeping your PC healthy and running fast.

Top Online Virus Scanners
Free virus scanning software is available online. The About.com Guide to Antivirus Software presents the 5 top options.

Trend Micro HouseCall
Trend Micro HouseCall is a popular, free, online tool for finding and removing viruses and malware from your computer.

Three great websites for families to learn more and keep up-to-date on Using the Internet and Internet Safety.

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