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US Presidents Day Online

When is Presidents Day and How Can I Celebrate Online?


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U.S. Presidents Day, officially known as Washington's Birthday, is a federal holiday in the United States and is celebrated on the third Monday of February. In 2011, Presidents Day falls on February 21.

Although it has become known as a great weekend for sales, especially on cars, there's a lot more to the holiday. Presidents Day is a good chance to learn more about American History, civic responsibility and even U.S. Geography. The site below can help you celebrate and have some fun.

George Washington

Presidents Day was originally designated in honor of George Washington's birthday and is still legally called "Washington's Birthday." The first president of the United States was born on February 22, 1732.

Biography of George Washington

Official Site for Mount Vernon, Home of George Washington

Other Presidents

Official Biographies of U.S. Presidents - From the White House website, this is a list of all of the presidents with links to their biographies.

The Presidents of the United States - Another list of U.S. Presidents with their political affiliations, term of office, and vice president.From EnchantedLearning.com.

Presidents Day History and Fun

By George, IT IS Washington's Birthday! - A great article from the National Archives on the history of Presidents Day and how it came to be on the third Monday in February.

Presidents Day Crafts - Sherry, the About.com Guide to Family Crafts has plenty of ideas for Presidents Day activities.

Presidents Day Games and Crafts - More cool stuff from EnchantedLearning.com.

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