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Celebrate Easter Online


Brothers Making Easter Eggs.
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Whether you're steeped in the religious signifigance of the season, or just celebrating the start of spring, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Easter that will make everyone happy. Enjoy these Easter activities, recipes and history.

About Easter

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are one of the most iconic images of Easter celebrations around the world. Learn about the history of Easter Eggs and how to decorate gorgeous eggs of your own.

Other Fun, Games and Crafts

  • Make an Easter Kite - One of our favorite springtime activities as kids was kite flying. These directions allow you to sew your own basic nylon kite. You can decorate it however you'd like.
  • Easter Puzzles - Does your family like puzzles and mazes? Here are dozens of mazes, word games and more just right for Easter play.
  • Easter Party Games - Having a big crowd at your house this Easter? Here are some cute group games to keep the kids engaged.
  • Easter Bird Nest Candies - Bird nests are another wonderful symbol of Spring. And these nests are edible!

Cooking for Easter

Easter just wouldn't be the same without all of the delicious food! In addition to the candy recipes listed above, here are some great Easter recipes.

  • Roast Leg of Lamb - Lamb in a Blanket - The About.com Guide to British Food insists that one of the best ways to cook leg of lamb is to wrap it in a blanket!
  • Honey Ham with Asian Pears - Ham is a big favorite at our house for Easter, but if you're bored with the same old thing, this Asian inspired dish is a unique option.
  • Allergy-Safe Easter Recipes - Holidays can be stressful, not only for families dealing with food allergies, but also for their hosts. These recipes can help even the most time-challenged host prepare a meal that everyone can enjoy.
  • Overnight French Toast - Getting up early after a visit from the Easter Bunny may not leave you with a lot of energy for breakfast. This french toast recipe is assembled the night before so you can focus on your Easter egg hunt.
  • Recipes for Easter Leftovers - Did you make too much turkey, ham or roast beef? Do you need a creative way to use up your leftovers? This article is for those of us who always make too much food on the holidays.
  • Using up Your Hard-Boiled Eggs - One of the challenges of Easter is figuring out what to do with all of those hard-boiled eggs. The About.com Guide to Home Cooking has 10 recipes to try out, from the classic Deviled Eggs to a more elaborate Cabbage Mushroom Pie.
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