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Adesso Cyber Tablet 6400

Adesso Cyber Tablet 6400 - The Bottom Line

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Adesso Cyber Tablet 6400

Adesso Cyber Tablet 6400

Photo Courtesy of Priceline
The Adesso Cyber Tablet 6400 with wireless pen and mouse is a reasonably priced piece of hardware that is easy and fun to use. It would be great for the photo retouching or digital scrapbooking hobbyist who doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on pen tablet peripheral, and easy enough for a child to use for some digital painting fun of their own. Though I’m not too impressed with the mouse quality, the pen piece is very responsive and pleasing to use. Overall the Adesson Cyber Tablet 6400 is a good bargain for use with kids and hobbyists, but may not pass muster with more serious artists and designers.


  • Reasonably Priced
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with software (PC) to get you started using the tablet right away
  • Responsive, pin point precision pen
  • Attractive metallic color will match most computer workspaces
  • Tablet has a pen tray to store the pen when it’s not in use


  • Mouse isn’t as accurate, or as fast as a standard laser mouse
  • Pen and mouse both require batteries
  • The pen stylus is only one sided, where other tablets offer an erasing end
  • Though tablet is marketed towards both PC and Mac users, included software with this tablet is PC only
  • The driver included with the unit wasn’t up to date and I had to download the current driver from the website

Included Software

The Adesso 6400 graphics tablet is bundled with 5 software titles; PhotoImpact 12, Free Notes, Power Presenter RE II, Pen Soft Pro, and Office Ink.

The main program, PhotoImpact, is a kid friendly program that can be used for photo correction or creating graphics. This is the program your child can use to draw and paint images with the stylus, or to manipulate their digital photos by adding text or drawing on top of them.

Here is a breakdown of the other software bundled with the Adesso Cyber Tablet 6400:

  • Free Notes and Pen Soft Pro are both handwriting programs that can recognize any notes you make with the pen and turn them into text. The difference between the two is that Free Notes allows you to make notes on your actual desktop, instead of inside a program, making your wallpaper the canvas.
  • Power Presenter is a PowerPoint-like software that allows you to make slide show presentations, and write notes within those presentations.
  • Office Ink can be used to create your handwritten signature to use at the end of email correspondence.
The software included with this specific tablet has one downfall – it is not Mac compatible. Adesso has another tablet in the line for Mac users that includes Photoshop Elements, a Mac-friendly software.

Digital Scrapbooking and Other Crafts

Do you like to digital scrapbook or create digital art? Along with being a great tool for your kids to get creative, the Adesso Cyber Tablet 6400 is great for digi-scrapping and more serious drawing. Just move around the elements on the screen with the pen, write some notes about what you are scrapping, and create a masterpiece! Or, if you're more into freehand drawing, you'll find that the pen/tablet combination allows for more intricate artwork than a mouse.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • 6" x 4" writing area, making it the ideal choice for professional computer artists.
  • Wireless 2-button pen with 512 levels of pressure sensitive to provide all the comforts of a normal pencil.
  • High accuracy and sensitivity for a highly reactive cursor.
  • 512 gradations of pressure sensitivity for highly accurate rendering in painting and writing.
  • No need for separate power adapter, completely USB powered.
  • 3-button ergonomic wireless mouse with for right and left handed users.
  • High resolution, supports up to 3048 lines per inch.
  • Easy connection to USB port.
  • Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 0.25"
  • Tablet Drawing Area Dimensions: 6.25" x 4.75"

Package Contents:

Tablet, cordless pressure-sensitive pen, wireless 3-button mouse, USB cable, 2 AA and 1AAA batteries, CD-ROM

  • Microsoft Windows Vista/XP/2000/Me/ 98SE
  • Mac OS 9x/OS X up to 10.5 Leopard
  • Pentium 200 MHz (or equivalent) processor or higher
  • 32MB of RAM, CD ROM driver, USB port
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