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Computing Safety and Privacy Online and in the Home

Learn how to adopt healthy and safe computing habits for you and your family, whether on or offline.
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Sexting- What Parents Need to Know
Educating parents and children on the dangers of sexting is one of the most important issues in today's culture.

Web Browsers for Kids
The Internet is a vast place and it's easy to get lost and end up in the "bad part of town." Kid-friendly Web browsers have curated content so that there is no bad part. They help children find the content they're looking for while steering clear of less savory pages. In general, these browsers aren't designed to stop kids from accessing certain information (kids can usually open another browser …

How Do You Handle Safety and Privacy When Blogging About Your Kids?
Share your tips about keeping your family safe while you're online and see what others have to say.

Is it Safe to Post Photos of My Kids Online?
Is it safe to post photos of your kids? Learn the dangers of posting photos of kids, as well as ways to keep them safe.

What is Sexting and Why is it a Problem?
Sexting is becoming more prevalent among young people as technology advances. What is sexting and why might you be concerned?

Cyberbullying - Personal Cyberbullying Stories
Cyberbullying impacts people of all ages and walks of life. Share your cyberbullying experiences or read other what others have to say.

10 Ways to Protect Your Children from Cyberbullies
Kids love the social aspects of the Internet, especially chatting and social networking. It gives them a way to express themselves and connect with others. It also opens them up for cyberbully attacks. You can help safeguard your children from cyberbully attacks and the emotional and physical damage they can cause.

Parents Guide to Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying is becoming a big problem, especially among teens. Learn what cyberbullying is and how to protect your kids.

Parents Guide to Kids Online
From Internet safety to quality websites, these are the things every parent needs to think about before their kids go online.

Teen Guide to MySpace and Online Safety
Learn how to keep yourself safe on MySpace and other online fun spots.

Parents Guide to Internet Safety
Internet filters are great, but they aren't the total solution for protecting children while online. Learn how to go beyond the filters to keep your kids safe.

Why You May Need an Internet Filter
Internet Filters are an excellent way to protect your family from accessing inappropriate content online.

Parents Guide to MySpace Safety
Your kids are probably going to find a way to use MySpace, so you may be better off having them do so at home under your supervision. The good news is that there are some safe guards in place you can use to help protect your kids.

Identity Theft - Tips to Secure Your Online Presence
Learn some basic ways to protect yourself from identity theft online.

A variety of articles for parents and teens about online safety, safe blogging tips and privacy protection.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998
The text of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

Compliance With the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
Learn how websites should comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

CyberAngels is a virtual "Neighborhood Watch" helping protect people online from stalkers, identity theft and more.

Healthy Computing Habits for Kids and Teens
Healthy computing habits are important for computer users of all ages, but especially for kids and teens.

Cyberbullies and Bullies - Advice for Teens and Tweens
Tips for tweens and teens on handling bullies at school and online.

Reader Reviews of Internet Safety Software
Choosing Internet Safety Software can be overwhelming. These reader reviews of internet safety software tools can help you make an educated choice in keeping your kids safe online.See submissions

Facebook and Kids
How to keep your kids safe on Facebook

How To Keep Your Teens Safe On Social Media

How To Make Your iPad Safe For Your Kids To Use

Family Safety Tools in Windows 8
Keeping your kids safe on Windows 8 computers with Family Safety Tools.

AVG Zen: Monitor Security on All Family PCs From One Platform
How you can maintain and monitor all of your family's PCs and other devices from one dashboard with AVG Zen.

Three great websites for families to learn more and keep up-to-date on Using the Internet and Internet Safety.

The STOP!t App Empowers Students and Schools To End Cyberbullying!
STOP!t is a school program and app that empowers students to prevent cyberbullying.

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