1. Parenting

Using the Family Computer to Learn and Explore


A computer with an Internet connection opens up a world of learning for your family. In addition to fantastic options in educational software and tools, there is a wealth of information to be found online. You can also connect with others who are studying similar topics.
  1. Educational Resources
  2. Homeschooling
  3. Tools for Learning
  4. Online Learning for Parents
  5. College

Educational Resources

These are the best resources for learning more about a specific topic.


Homeschoolers have needs over and above simple homework help. Use these articles as a guide for making the most out of your family computer in your homeschooling journey.

Tools for Learning

Software, cameras, microscopes and robotic components can enhance and expand on learning opportunities. These are the best tools for learning.

Online Learning for Parents

 Parents can also find many educational opportunities online through educational sites or how-to articles. Adults can learn almost anything online these days.


 Applying to college, college resources and college life.

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