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Top Free Websites to Watch TV Online

Watch TV Online and Never Miss a TV Show Again


As Internet access speeds increase, more and more people are viewing video on the web. Now you can watch TV online for free. * As with most things on the Internet, these sites are not specifically geared towards children and some may contain mature content. Please preview any material and links before sharing them with your kids.


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If you're just starting to watch TV online, Hulu is a great starting point. Hulu has a diverse collection of advertising-supported TV shows and movies. From the latest episodes of the Simpsons to classics such as Alfred Hitchcock Presents, there's something for everyone. If you'll be watching with kids, you may want to read A Parent's Guide to Hulu. Hulu requires Flash 9.0, but no special software. Note: Some of the entries are only clips, so make sure to look for full episodes/movies.


Fancast is owned by Comcast Interactive Media and holds contracts with all of the major network stations. You'll find episodes of Glee, House, Grey's Anatomy, NCIS and hundreds of other new and old favorites (WKRP in Cincinnati anyone?). This site is easy to navigate and there is no confusion between full episodes/movies and previews/clips. They also highlight shows with new episodes.


YouTube has gone beyond user-submitted content and is now another option for you to watch TV online. Most of the full episodes are more classic programming, so visit YouTube to enjoy favorites such as The Addams Family, Fantasy Island and Star Trek. No special player required. You may also want to read Using YouTube with Your Kids and Great YouTube Videos for Kids.


ABC has full episodes of TV favorites such as Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives, as well as special features like interviews. Some of the episodes are in HD. The ABC shows require the download of a special media player.


The NBC website has full episodes of The Tonight Show, Community and more than 20 others (click on "Watch Video"). There are also short summaries and special features. You can watch online without any extra plugins and some episodes can be downloaded as well.


"Fox on Demand" includes full episodes of The Simpsons, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?, Bones and other Fox faves. You can also watch short clips, deleted scenes and promos. The site requires the download of a special media player.


Visit CBS to find full episodes of shows such as Numb3ersCSI and Two and a Half Men. There are also some great what-happens-after-they're-voted-off scenes from Survivor. You can watch the videos in your browser without a special download.

USA Network

USA doesn't have a lot of shows, but there is plenty of quality. Watch full episodes of Psych, Monk and Burn Notice among others. No special browser is needed.

The CW

Guilty pleasures: full episodes of Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and Smallville on the CW. There are also extras from favorites like America's Top Model. The CW requires a special download to watch videos.

ABC Family

ABC Family shares full episodes of Greek, Pretty Little Liars and a variety of other shows. They also have a few movies. No special download required.

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