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Free eCards for Kids and Families


Everyone likes getting a friendly card, even if it's via email. Send one of these free e-cards to your kids, your family or your friends. They're great for quirky holidays, birthdays and just because.

There are some spammers and viruses who have messages that mimic ecard greetings. Make sure to include your name or other identifying information in the subject or "from" section so your friends know the message is from you.


This nifty site allows you to customize all of the elements of your card. Choose a background, a message, animation and even music. If you're feeling more creative, you can color one of the black and white coloring pages. The cards are super cute!

Build-a-Bear Workshop

It doesn't get any cuter or snugglier than a free eCard from Build-a-Bear. Choose from dozens of designs from party invitations to bon voyage, you'll never be at loss for just the right greeting. There are even interactive cards that are extra fun for the recipient.

American Girl

Although these free ecards are most appropriate for girls or women, they aren't all American Girl related. Sure, you can send a birthday card from Felicity (or another favorite American Girl), but there are some other nice designs as well. Their specialty seems to be animated cards that teach you how to draw cute animals, flowers and other objects.

Blue Mountain Arts

The Blue Mountain Arts has some pretty free cards, especially for adults, but there is a lot of pressure from the site to join their membership program. Be careful to read the details when you send your card. The site will sign you up to receive more information if you're not paying attention .


If you're looking for something for the 'tween crowd, look no further. From KidzBop to Harry Potter, Yahoo!Kids eCards have a wide appeal. They also have cards for an impressive 30 holidays.
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