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Classic Books Online: White Fang

Read Free Classic Books Online – White Fang by Jack London


There are numerous classic books online. A lot of them are available to download for free! This is an incredible resource to take advantage of. Many kids are more comfortable getting information from their computer screen than they are paging through an aging paperback from the library. My own children seem to think that the mere fact a story is available digitally, legitimizes it as acceptable for the Net Generation. I’m not going to judge that logic, I’m just happy that classic literature is being read by the youth and is being offered over the Internet. In the next few months I’m going to write about a few of these timeless works, starting with White Fang by Jack London.  

White Fang Overview

  • An adventure story
  • Published in 1906
  • Takes place during the Yukon Gold Rush
  • The title character is part dog and part wolf
  • Told, largely, from White Fang’s point of view
  • Story explores the theme of heredity versus environment
  • A companion story to Jack London’s classic Call of the Wild
  • Middle School or early High School is usually when children are introduced to Jack London
  • Fans of Gary Paulsen (who wrote the Hatchet series) will almost certainly enjoy reading White Fang

White Fang Download

The Online Download of White Fang is available through Project Gutenberg’s website. Project Gutenberg is an organization which is dedicated to encouraging the creation and distribution of e-books. It makes over 33,000 e-books available online for free. They can be downloaded in various formats including simple text, HTML, even Kindle. For those who would rather listen to White Fang being read by a narrator, the Internet makes that option available too. Download White Fang as an Audio Book from LibriVox, a digital archive of over 4000 free e-books.  

White Fang on the Web

There are many resources available on the Internet that will help further your enjoyment and appreciation of classic literature. After reading White Fang, check out a few of these websites. White Fang Questions for Study and Discussion will really get you thinking about the characters and themes in the story. If you just read the book along with a family member or a friend, this web page will give you a lot of topics to talk about. White Fang Quotes is a web page that provides key quotations from the story. These quotes would definitely come in handy for a student assigned to write a book report on White Fang. If you really enjoyed White Fang and are interested in reading more stories by its author, visit The Collected Works of Jack London for a list of the writer’s titles, including links to other online e-books by London.

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