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Planning a Science Party for Young Scientists

Using the Internet to Plan a Science Party for Elementary School Kids


Planning a Science Party for Young Scientists
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Science party...two words that you don't usually associate with each other. Well, that's about to change. Imagine if all the great scientists throughout history got together for one day…to get down! Would Isaac Newton set the party in motion? Would Galileo's dancing be "out of this world"? Would Madame Curie be radiant? Well, now there is no need to wonder. Just have a science party and find out! This is a fun learning activity for elementary school kids. Its purpose is to teach children a little about the great inventors and scientists while they are planning a unique party. You'll use the Internet to gather information about the scientists and get ideas on how to make costumes for the bash.

Difficulty: Moderate

Time Required: About a week to plan

What You Need:

A computer
A few do-it-yourself costumes
A party attitude!

Here's How:

Set a date for the party.

Each child participating in the event will choose, or be assigned a famous scientist or inventor and come to the party dressed as that person.

Since each kid will be playing the role of their scientist at the party, they'll need a few facts about that scientist. Go online with your child to gather some information. There are numerous sites that will help you, including:

Famous Scientists

Famous Women Scientists

Famous Black Scientists

Use Google Images and search for pictures of scientists to get an idea how to make their costumes. Don't worry about coming up with complicated outfits. A couple of props are fine. Just to help the kids get into character.

Let everyone know the equation for a successful scientist party: E=MCFUN

Let the celebration begin!


The learning part of this activity actually happens before the party, as the children look up information about their scientists. Once the party begins, don't be discouraged if the kids poke fun at their scientists or if Isaac Newton starts making rude noises with his armpits. The whole idea is that a link has been made between scientists and fun.

Kids just love rewards. Why not award each scientist with a small prize for his or her contribution to humanity - and the party!

You can download pictures of scientists from the internet and hang them up as party decorations. Let the kids autograph the pictures of their scientists.

I don't think there is a future inventor alive who doesn't like music and snacks. A great soundtrack for this party would be a CD titled Here Comes Science by a fun, quirky rock band named They Might Be Giants. If you'd like to make science themed party snacks, visit a web page called Mad Scientist Party Food for some great ideas.

Make sure you remember to get pictures or videos. You'll want to document this historic meeting of the minds.

Since this is a scientist themed party, you might want to include some science-based activities. Mad Scientist Party Activities is a terrific web page with suggestions for inventive party games.

You can also plan similar e-learning parties with themes such as:

The Great Artists
The Great Explorers
The Great Musicians
Great Historical Figures

Suggested Sites:

Science Experiments for Kids

4th Grade Science Fair Projects

Weird Science

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