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Computers can make your life easier and more fun. Find the best family hardware, software and websites for organizing, planning, and celebrating.
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Digital Greeting Cards from Pandigital
Send your loved ones a picture slideshow for their birthday or other special occasion with Digital Greeting Cards from Pandigital.

Print Postage Stamps at Home with DYMO Printable Postage
Did you know that you can print postage stamps at home with no hidden fees? Learn how to print postage stamps at home with DYMO Printable Postage.

Printies Design Studio Review
Printies Design Studio allows you to design and print your own stuffed animals from your home printer.

Favorite TV Show to Watch Online
Share your favorite TV show to watch online.

Even More Free TV Online
These websites have lots of TV and it's all for free.

10 Great Things Teens Learn While "Playing" Online
t is normal for parents to worry that their kids are spending too much time online. Certainly, it’s important that they are still maintaining in-person friendships, meeting commitments, getting exercise and exploring the physical world. On the other hand, online time isn’t necessarily frivolous or wasteful. Here are 10 things your teens can learn from their time online, and some ways you can …

The Best Computer Gear for Small Hands
Babies and Toddlers like to dabble with computers. From keyboards and cameras to super-cool software, these gifts help them make the most of the experience while keeping the computer safe. As an added bonus, having their own keyboard, mouse and camera (even if they aren't plugged into a camera/fully functioning) helps keep little ones from...

Top Free Websites to Watch TV Online
As Internet access speeds increase, more and more people are viewing video on the web. Now you can watch TV online for free.

Sites for Promoting Philanthropy in Children
Kids often struggle with the idea of charitable giving. If they can't see concrete results, it's just too abstract for them. These websites are wonderful introductions to the idea of philanthropy, as well as support for studies in culture, geography, economics and more.

Free E-Cards for Kids and Families
Everyone likes getting a friendly card, even if it's via email. Send one of these free e-cards to your kids, your family or your friends. They're great for quirky holidays, birthdays and just because.

Play in the Snow Online
Snow has a certain magic, especially when you don't need to drive in it, and you don't need to give up balmy climates to have some fun. Whether you live in a place where it never snows, the weather is too bad to venture outside, or you're just missing the wintry white stuff, here are some fun snow activities you can enjoy without real snow at all.

Top Sites for Finding Information About Recalls
Busy parents are too busy to worry about hunting down recall information. These sites provide quick access to the latest recalls and even allow you to subscribe by email to receive recall information as it is released.

2011 Readers' Choice Award Winners
Here are the winners of the 2011 Readers' Choice Awards on the About.com Family Computing site

Parenting in a Connected World
How much technology is too much for your kids?

Connected Kids - How Much is Too Much Technology?
Do you have connected kids? How do you decide how much is too much technology? What tech lines do you draw?

Planning a Science Party for Young Scientists
A Science Party can be fun! Throw a party in which elementary school kids dress up as famous scientists.

May is National Pet Month!
May is National Pet Month. Learn about pet ownership, pet adoption, and service animals.

Leaning Tower of Pisa
Take a virtual field trip to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

Classic Books Online: White Fang
Read a classic book online, White Fang by Jack London, for free over the Internet. Learn about wolves and the Yukon.

Identify Poison Ivy Using the Internet
Learn to identify poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac by using the Internet. Recognize poisonous leaves this summer and have a safe hike.

Fun Summer Outdoor Activities Using the Internet
Using the family computer to enhance nature walks is a fun way to expose kids to natural science and online learning. Enjoy an outdoor summer hike with an online dimension.

Tech Tools for Busy Families
These free tech tools will help busy families stay on top of their lives from arranging carpools to scheduling play dates to planning meals.

Virtual Field Trip to the School Bus
Visit the yellow school bus online for bus safety tips and fun school bus games. Take a virtual field trip to the school bus as you prepare your child for the first day of kindergarten with a school bus party.

The Dangers of Smart Phones
The convenience of a smart phone is undeniable, but, as a parent, what are the risks for my kids, and how can I protect them?

How To Create iRules Tech Contracts With Teens and Tweens
The iRules, a new book, will help you create a tech contract with your teens and tweens

Keep Grandparents Close With Technology
Helping your kids grandparents become closer to the family through technology.

Don't Remove All Technology When Limiting or Disciplining Kids
Don't lump all technology products together when disciplining or reducing screen time. The smartphone is the one one to take away.

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