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Arthur Family Health Site Provides Fun Resources For Kids

Thursday May 29, 2014

Kids have fun while learning about health issues on the Arthur Family Health website

When your kids have health issues, such as asthma or peanut allergies, it isn't always easy to talk to them about it. Even topics like nutrition and fitness can fall on deaf ears. The Arthur Family Health website helps make these conversations much easier.

In Health Resources For Kids On Arthur Family Health Website, you will learn about all the amazing resources the site provides to make learning about health issues both fun and easy for kids. There are resources for kids, parents and even educators on this wonderful, free, health website.

Tech Tools For Busy Parents

Monday May 26, 2014


Parents, nowadays, have at their disposal many tech tools or resources to help organize their busy lives. There are great apps that can and will help you do almost anything. In Tech Tools To Help Parents Stay Organized, you can learn about a few of these resources. I write about scheduling, food apps and apps that save memories. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. There will be more to come.

Educational Art Activities at MoMA Online

Wednesday May 21, 2014

framed artNot everyone lives near a big art museum, which is why one of the benefits of technology is that is allows us to visit museums virtually. The Museum of Modern Art in NYC, better known as MoMA, not only provides a virtual look inside, but has fun and educational activities for kids and teens through websites and apps. In MoMA Online Art Activities For Teens and Kids you will find links and learn all about what MoMA online has to offer.

Create A Technology Contract With Your Teens

Monday May 19, 2014

Tween with iPhone

When your kids are young and using the home computer, you can keep an eye on them. Once they have cellphones or other mobile devices as teens or tweens, that becomes more difficult to do. It might be a good time to make some rules.

In How To Create iRules Tech Contracts With Teens and Tweens, you can learn from a parent that has put her rules in a contract that she and her son signed. This mother is the author of a new book, iRules: What Every Tech-Healthy Family Needs to Know About Selfies, Sexting, Gaming and Growing Up. Check out her rules and contract and see how you might want to customize them for your family.

Tiggly Interactive Apps and Toys For Toddlers

Friday May 16, 2014

Tiggly Safari Sea iPad App

A new educational toy company, Tiggly, recently launched, Tiggly Shapes, a combination of iPad apps and plastic shapes, that work together for an in interactive, educational and fun experience for kids from 18 months to 4 years old. Tiggly Shapes combines the benefits of toys with the benefits of online games.

In Interactive iPad Apps and Toy Combinations For Toddlers, you can learn all about Tiggly Shapes. You will see the toy shapes that come with a purchase, the free apps you can download, and how they all work together. You will also learn more about the benefits from this type of game and the awards this company has already received. I highly recommend that you check out Tiggly for your Toddler.

How To Be Smart and Safe Online

Friday May 16, 2014

Internet SafetyDo you go online and just take for granted that you know what you are doing? What about the rest of your family? Just because you know how to get around, doesn't mean you you don't need to learn anything else about the Internet. How much do you know about Internet safety, security, netiquette, searching, spam, viruses, copyright, cyberbullying, trolling, tagging and all the jargon that has sprung from Internet use.

You and your kids can easily learn what you need to know in Fun Guides For Families On Safe Smart Uses Of The Internet. You will find three websites where you can learn everything you need to know. I included three, because they each have their strong points. Any guides for kids are made into fun games and many of the teen guides are videos. I highly recommend all three of these Internet tutorial and safety websites.

Start Getting Your Netted By The Webby Emails Now

Sunday May 11, 2014

Netted By The Webbys

Do you like getting recommendations on great new websites and apps? What about websites and apps that are helpful? How would you like to get an email, once a day, with one of these recommendations?

Check out these 10 App and Website Recommendations from Netted By The Webbys Daily Emails and you will want to sign up immediately.  You can even look through their archives to see all the great apps and websites you've missed.

Private Social Network for Students

Thursday May 8, 2014

Student on ComputerSocial networks, like Facebook and Instagram, allow teenagers to share much of their lives with their friends. However, when it comes to sharing how teens are doing in school, that is something to be shared with only close friends, family and mentors. The GoEnnounce website gives teens a platform to share their academic goals and achievements with this group of people.

GoEnnounce also allows teens to raise funds for school related expenses. To learn more about setting up an account, sharing, fundraising and scholarships on GoEnnounce, see GoEnnounce: Student Website For Private Sharing and Fundraising. High school and college students should definitely check it out.

The Other Social Networks

Wednesday May 7, 2014

Social Networks

For many parents, especially older ones, social networking means Facebook. And watching after their teens online means joining Facebook, learning its privacy rules and making sure their kids don't do anything wrong.

However, this strategy no longer works. Teens are moving away from Facebook to other social networks. Of the big popular social networks, teens are using Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter most. To learn what they are and how they work, see Social Network Tutorials for Parents of Teens 101. Even if you don't use your accounts, if your teens are using these networks, it is important to join and know how they work

Creativity Websites for Kids of All Ages

Saturday May 3, 2014

PaintbrushThere are many different types of websites where kids of all ages can be creative. Check out these 7 Creative Arts and Design Websites for your kids and see what they think.  Of course, creativity can be found in many areas, not only in arts and design, and I will look for other creative websites for kids to feature also. I have already seen many in the music and video areas, which will probably appear in a new article soon.

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